About this site

making this website has been something i've wanted to do for a very long time! i just couldnt find a site that could help me make a website that looked old and simple that i could code myself (yay for neocities)

the name satisfiedskye has been with me since the drawcast days (2013-2015) and i havent used much else sense. originally it was going to be sarcasticskye but i didnt want to sound cynical forever, so i did my next idea. skye is a nickname i gave myself around that time as well. however, when i've recently made side accounts and such where i would use a different username, deadpanskeleton has been what i used. i can have a deadpan look to me (and i like that i could also say it means im dead and pan, haha) and i and others have referred to me as a skeleton cause i've been real skinny for most of my life mostly just from a high metabolism. i also just really like skeletons in general, haha. in fact, i love them, especially in cartoons and video games! so, i mixed skeleton, and seretonin, to make skeletonin! skeletons give me seretonin, so i thought it was a perfect name for my website, haha.

(also, i've been having fun hiding little easter eggs in my site. i recommend clicking around on random things, like any photos in the site. there might be something waiting to open, hehehehe)