About my personal projects

i have a few different projects i work on either slowly over time or on and off.

i'll list a few im trying to keep track of below.

  • recorrect

    my longest running story idea that means the world to me. see flare, lithion and fission work through the world pushing them to their limit and unveil hidden truths!

  • mori and pax

    a slice of life story about the developing friendship between a misunderstood middle school girl and a cynical alien. watch as their differences bring them closer together as great friends when they may not have anyone else!

  • my undertale au

    my undertale au i've been working on slowly but surely. the main idea is that the monsters study witchcraft, and try to use it to break the barrier by reversing the spell humans put on it to make it work, but they are missing the determination for the ritual! the human, knowing nothing of magick, falls in and stays determined and get through the underground!

  • my T ukagaka

    somethin i've been coding on and off for a bit now!

  • i'll be updating for if i want to keep track of any other projects i decide to work on.