heres a bunch of random stuff i like. my gifypet is at the bottom of the list if you would just like to see him, haha xD

random crap

  • my kins listed with gifs of them cause its fun
  • characters i love sm they make me go wacky
  • list of my current hyperfixations
  • i put a little snake game into my website if you'd like to waste some time away
  • archive of my stuff from the dead app Drawcast. rip drawcast may 1st 2021 at 12:33am (est)
  • a compliation of all the dolls ive made on various dollmakers
  • a page for the flipnotes ive made!!
  • my secret trick to glitching photos.

    (totally lookin at that pro version.. i use it enough to consider spending 50 bucks on a better version ((update- i totally did)) )

  • zalgo text generator.

    fuck up your text for the price of free

  • the wub machine

    make a music file more wubby in one way or another


    mash up songs to make a whole new bop

  • bad time simulator

    bad time with sans without having to kill everyone first, haha

  • petpet

    make something get pet pet

  • gifcities

    to make ur website look old (like i want to do kek)

  • have an ai finish your prompt

    can be rediculously funny

  • my old vines

    the archive of my old vine account

  • art and story specific random crap to use to help create

  • write realistic injuries

    writing a story that involves terrible injuries to torture your traumatized characters even more? well at least make it realistic

  • simple character development sheet

    good starting questions when developing a character


    good for keeping track of the specifics of your characters and your universes

  • roots for words

    i use this for when i develop made up words for species, words, names, etc. so they can at least have a rough meaning to them

  • make a color scheme

    can help with your color variation

  • girgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgirgir

    stamp collection

    blinkie collection