About Me

frankly, there's not much to be said, haha. i don't find myself to be a very interesting person, but i'll list some things about myself below.

  • i go by Skye/June, and i am an adult.
  • i use she/he/they pronouns ive been drawing seriously for 10+ years now
  • i am a nonbinary lesbian, demisexual/demiromantic, and polyamorous. im engaged
  • i am a satanist
  • i am disabled. i have type one diabetes, hypothyroidism, addisons disease, and have come out of a bout of autoimmune encephalitis, which i will be in recovery for for about 2 or more years.
  • i love cartoons (ok ko, gravity falls, villianous, invader zim, infinity train, harley quinn...)
  • i love a lot of video games (UNDERTALE, deltarune, project diva, ANIMAL CROSSING, ddlc, pokemon, splatoon, sonic, omori...)
  • other things i like are good omens, homestuck, jthm, soul eater, aggretsuko, ohshc, vocaloid, spongebob, and more
  • i have a lot of hobbies like sewing, making music, making stickers, crafting things, writing fiction, etc.
  • i have a project i call recorrect that ive been working on for years and years and would like to one day make a cartoon
  • i like a lot of aesthetics, like galaxy, dark "emo" crap, neon "scene" shit, and old web (webcore, cybercore) hence this website looking the way it does, haha
  • i love dogs very much, and other favorites are cats, frogs, bunnies, and bearded dragons.
  • id prefer to stay mysterious. however, id love to make new friends! if you find me interesting, lmk somewhere and maybe i wont be mysterious XD
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